Electric Theater

The Electric Theater (ET) was a stage show given several times a day.

It was a nice little theater in the West wing.

Working in ET
In ET you performed the show several times a day. You would relieve other demonstrators for lunch and breaks. Unlike most other places in the Museum between shows you were not in a public area.

Sundays there were often five shows to do plus breaks. It would still be tiring day. There were usually two people assigned to ET. Which made for nice friendships.

The Show
A Tour of the Show

Learning ET
I learned ET from Carolyn Musto. Many times were spent in ET with Al Tobeckson and Sun McCann.

ET Stories
Water Balloons
Ice Balls
Dick Barr's Carl Friedenberg Story
Dick's FM Tuner

Where ET Was

dick lieber with 50,000 watt light bulib
Dick with the 50,000 watt Lamp and a Carbon Filament Lamp